Mears Housing Management

Mears Housing Management

The Midlands

Client Brief

Mears Housing Management, a division of one of the largest contracting / facilities management companies in the country, contacted MHA to undertake a planned maintenance inspection of a portfolio of buildings across the East Midlands which they had purchased to increase their “owned and managed stock”.

Key Issues

  • Short timescales
  • Diverse Locations
  • Consistent Report Format

What We Did

The properties had diverse forms of construction and ages, and little maintenance had been undertaken in the recent past, although as part of the purchase a small sinking fund was provided and the client needed to know how best to allocate the provided monies to maximise their spend.

It was agreed that a 10% sample internal survey would be undertaken to indicate ongoing internal maintenance costs, with full externals. In view of the short timescale we enlisted and co ordinated a firm of surveyors in the Midlands. MHA undertook the remaining surveys and compiled and cross checked all the reports prior to delivery to the client.

The project was delivered on time and to full satisfaction.

“Following acquisition of a substantial tranche of properties in the East Midlands we needed a speedy overview of the stock and future maintenance liabilities, MHA provided this very quickly and professionally ”
Mears Housing Management