Panavision Europe plc

Client Brief

Panavision Europe plc have required regular updates on likely dilapidations liability on their properties within the UK, in order to satisfy US accounting protocols where their parent company is based.

Key Issues

  • Short Timescales
  • Diverse locations
  • Requirement for accurate forward projection of dilapidation liabilities for US accounting purposes

What We Did

MHA have undertaken the required inspections and provided costed overviews of potential dilapidations at lease ends.

In addition MHA have undertaken inspections prior to purchase of properties in Northern Ireland which led the client to seek alternative accommodation as the ongoing dilapidations liability was too severe.

Upon disposal of assets, MHA advised Panavision whether to undertake the works themselves or negotiate a settlement with the landlords' surveyors. To date we have always been able to provide advice and support which has benefited the client.

“MHA have always provided excellent support for our building stock in the UK, undertaking dilapidations assessments on all our properties over the years, when properties are disposed of, Malcolm has acted in our best interests and secured monetary savings against allowances”
Panavision Europe Ltd