Temporary Hostels

Bromley London

Client Brief

Orchard and Shipman approached MHA to project manage the process of conversion of two redundant nursing homes into managed temporary hostels for the homeless in the London Borough of Bromley, in order to relieve the strain and cost implications of placing people within B+B accommodation for long periods.

Key Issues

  • Requirement for Temporary Accommodation to alleviate bed and breakfast usage
  • Defunct and unused Nursing Homes
  • Cost constraints and Local Opposition

What We Did

Feasibility Studies were undertaken for 2 properties and professional teams assembled including Planning Consultants in view of local opposition to the change of use. The brief was to provide for 5-7 years' service life at minimal costs.

The buildings were somewhat dilapidated and needed complete refurbishment, together with the provision of communal kitchen and multiple bathroom / WC facilities, and shared laundry facilities. The M+E installations were upgraded where required, but with consideration for the proposed service life.

The 2 buildings were completed over a 3 year period with the first hostel coming into service in April  2014, the second unit being completed in March 2016.

“MHA were appointed to project manage this innovative solution to temporary homelessness and they delivered the unit in a professional manner, it is now helping to relieve the strain on B+B provision with the London Borough of Bromley.”
Orchard and Shipman plc