Wexner Building

Wexner Building

London E1

Client Brief

Campsie were contacted by a group of Leaseholders who had queries about the scope of proposed major works which had not been addressed by the Managing Agents.  The Leaseholders were also dissatisfied with the way the costs had been apportioned and had unresolved queries about the Service Charge accounts.

Key Issues

  • Concern about scope of Section 20 works
  • Apportionment of costs of Section 20 works
  • Service Charge Queries

What We Did

We inspected the building and prepared a Report commenting on the scope of the proposed works.  We visited the Managing Agents to review their records.

The Managing Agents had advised the commercial part of the building was not liable for a share of the cost of the roof and structural repairs; we obtained copies of the Leases and provided the Leaseholders with a detailed synopsis which confirmed the Managing Agents were incorrect in their interpretation of the Leases.  Following our advice, all the Residential Leaseholders received a refund as the Managing Agents accepted that our interpretation of the Leases was correct.

“A big thank you for providing a very professional Service Charge & Insurance Report and a thorough Section 20 Report. Following your advice all the Residential Leaseholders received a refund.”
Residential Long Leaseholders of Block